About Us

What is HoFaLab?

HoFaLab is your digital workshop to learn and make things yourself in your neighborhood.

HoFaLab stands for “Honigfabrik Laboratory”. It is a combination of the words “Honigfabrik” (often shortened by locals as Hofa) and “Fab Lab”.

A “Fab Lab” (Fabrication Laboratory) is a small-scale workshop offering digital fabrication. A Fab Lab is typically equipped with an array of flexible computer-controlled tools that cover several different length scales and various materials, with the aim to make “almost anything”. (Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fab_lab)

HoFaLab is part of the Fab Lab network. http://www.fabfoundation.org

Who is HoFaLab?

HoFaLab is composed of four founders, as well as other active members.

The four founders

Luisa is an architect, interaction designer and has her art studio in the Honigfabrik. André is an industrial engineer, programmer and employee at the HafenCity University. Thierry is an aircraft engineer working for Airbus, and also involved in the Repair Café Wilhelmsburg. Roman manages the Northern Germany Branch of Oikocredit. We speak English, German, Italian and French 😉

The HoFaLab Team!

Why start HoFaLab?

HoFaLab is open to (Media-)Artists, Tinkerers and anyone interested.

HoFaLab is since 2019, as part of the anstiftung/Offene Werkstatt, a place for creative production & artistic research. In everyday life, we want to learn to set technology in a self-determined and responsible way. We are the middle point for people with and without expertise. We focus on the shared experience of the practice. For that purpose, we promote through workshops the appropriation of new technology and production in the neighborhood.

We are therefore committed to the 3 following principles:


Use those technologies to explore new creative approaches and develop artistic languages.


Bring a new laboratory in the district to share basic knowledge about digital technologies.


Enable and inspire the neighborhood in order to raise awareness about local issues.

Where is it happening?

HoFaLab is located in Hamburg, Germany. More specifically in the cultural center Honigfabrik in the district of Wilhelmsburg. The Honigfabrik has been a major cultural center in Wilhelmsburg since the 1970s. Everyone can get involved and join in. Thereto, you can visit one of the countless open workshops – make use of the car workshop, the wood workshop, the metal workshop or one of the art studios. The diversity of the Honigfabrik has no borders, making it an important meeting place in the district. The Hofa is self-determined, artistic, artisanal and social. HoFaLab is the logical evolution of Hofa for the future.

When is it happening?

HoFaLab was officially launched on 26.01.2019, and is now organizing various events in 2019. Please visit our Events page and Calendar for more details 🙂

Tuesday meetings take place  in our room over the “Holzwerkstatt” (yard of the Honigfabrik). Creative Afternoons and Workshop are organised on Weekends on the FSG Houseboat, next to the Schute on the Veringkanal.